Corolla Fire & Rescue (CFR) is comprised of a number of related legal entities designed to maximize the protection of the group’s assets, optimize tax efficiency and improve functionality and decision-making. In 2013, CFR reorganized its legal structure by splitting up the assets and functions of Corolla Fire and Rescue Squad, Inc. among a number of separate legal entities. The current CFR legal entities are:

Corolla Fire & Rescue Squad, Inc. (CFRS)

Originally formed in 1983, CFRS owns the fire apparatus and equipment and has contracted with Currituck County to provide fire suppression services in its district. CFRS is a non-profit “501(c)(3)” organization with volunteer firefighters and rehab personnel as members. The Fire Company provides fire protection, rescue, fire prevention assistance, support of Currituck County EMS services and assistance to the public following natural or man-made disasters. CFRS provides these services to approximately 6 square miles of territory from the County line at Duck to just above the end of the paved road area in Corolla, formally designated as the Poplar Branch Fire District/Fire District No. 6. The Fire Chief is Richard Shortway.

Officers & Directors
Al Marzetti, President
Tim Bostaph, Vice President
Mike Burgoyne, Treasurer
Debbie Spillman, Secretary
Sean DeFeo

CFR Cares, Inc.

This legal entity was originally Corolla Ocean Rescue, Inc. but was renamed and repurposed after CFR lost the County contract for ocean lifeguarding in 2015.  CFR Cares, Inc. is a non-profit “501(c)(3)” organization with no members. CFRS volunteers carry out the purposes of this entity, which are to develop and provide educational programs and other tools designed to promote safe practices in various fields of public safety, including fire prevention, traffic safety and water safety.

Officers & Directors
Richard Shortway, President
Debbie Spillman, Secretary & Treasurer
Tim Bostaph
Trinity Yanez

CFR Real Estate, LLC

This entity is a single-member LLC that owns and manages CFR-owned real estate, which currently consists of the two Corolla firehouses, Whalehead Station and Pine Island Station, and associated land.  Bob Wemyss is the Manager.

CFR Tee-Shirts, Inc.

This entity is a for-profit corporation that rents space at Pine Island Station from CFR Real Estate, LLC to conduct the retail sale of various items with CFR logos. CFR Tee-Shirts dividends its net profits in excess of working capital to Corolla Fire and Rescue Foundation and used to support the tax-exempt purposes of the CFR group.

Officers & Directors
Rich Shortway, President
Ron Gornstein, Secretary
Nancy Wemyss, Treasurer
Connie Crafe

Corolla Fire and Rescue Foundation, Inc. (CFRF)

This entity is a tax-exempt, non-profit “Type I Supporting Organization” that holds the bulk of the liquid assets of the CFR group and holds the ownership interests in CFR Real Estate LLC and CFR Tee-shirts, Inc. CFRF conducts the fundraising activities for the group and its primary purposes is to provide financial support, and strategic direction to the CFR operating entities. In order to ensure community input and involvement in this process, several of CFRF’s board slots are filled by members of the Corolla community who are not CFRS members. This is felt to be a best practice from the standpoint of management control and oversight.

Officers & Directors
Al Marzetti, President
Bob Wemyss, Vice President & Treasurer
Jim Southern, Secretary
Dr. Paul Amble
Ann-Marie South
JT Symons
Ron Gornstein