CFR Cares was launched in October 2015 after three pedestrians were killed and several others were seriously injured by motorists and cyclists along Route 12. These incidents also prompted the construction of the bike/pedestrian path that community organizations had advocated for many years. While CFR Cares was initially focused on bike/pedestrian safety, it has since branched out with a number of initiatives designed to enhance the safety of residents, visitors and workers in Corolla. CFR Cares actively partners with the Currituck County Sheriff’s Department, NC DOT, WEVS Charter School, local businesses and rental management companies.

Key Initiatives Include

  • Orientation sessions for international students working in Corolla during the Season pertaining to: pedestrian and bicycle laws and safety procedures; fire and water safety; personal protective equipment; basic first aid; and what to do in the event of medical, fire or other emergencies.
  • Distribution of bike helmets, reflective back packs, bike lights, water bottles and CFR Cares safety info magnets to international student workers.
  • Distribution of safety educational materials and local resources info to seasonal workers and visitors.
  • Homeowner education on smoke alarm maintenance and the benefits of installing reflective address signs at their property.
  • Key participant in the rapidly growing “Creepy in Corolla” Halloween event in Corolla’s Heritage Park. CFR Cares provides light sticks, sets up lighting sources from fire apparatus to illuminate dark areas, and manages traffic flow for the event.
  • Works with WEVS Charter School on pre-planned fire drills. Arranges for fire apparatus and firefighters to attend to familiarize students with firefighter gear, fire safety principles and what to do if a fire starts at school or at home. Often, students get a chance to shoot water from a fire hose.
  • Organizes and runs an annual bike/pedestrian “rodeo” for WEVS students to create a fun learning experience on how to be safe during the summer months.
  • Runs drowning prevention campaigns primarily focused on pool safety by providing educational material to visitors (flyers, magnets, and advertising on local grocery carts). A recurring problem is visitors unfamiliar with risks associated with home swimming pools.
  • Provides significant annual financial support to the SEALS program and Junior Lifeguards that teach ocean safety skills to kids.
  • Adopt-a-Highway sponsor for a stretch of Route 12 between Driftwood Way in Ocean Sands and Bonita Drive in Whalehead Beach. Volunteer and County Firefighters collect trash and debris 4 times a year.
  • Sponsors Red Cross Blood Drives twice a year at Pine Island Station.
  • Promotional Education for Residential and Commercial Knox Boxes.